6 Surprising LYCON Wax Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

Introducing LYCON, the unbeatable Australian wax brand that has earned its spot as the global favorite! Embraced by prestigious spas and salons around the world, LYCON proudly stands as the unrivaled leader in delivering outstanding waxing results. With its superior blend of premium resins, pure beeswax, tantalizing aromatherapy, and natural plant oils, LYCON has achieved utmost perfection in waxing. However, this powerhouse brand has more surprises up its sleeve. Brace yourself for an entertaining ride as we unveil 6 captivating secrets about the extraordinary LYCON experience.

1. The Wax Lab Experiment: From Hairy Legs to Smooth Skin

LYCON’s fascinating journey began when its founder, Lydia Jordane, entered an all-girls high school only to discover that she was the lone girl sporting hairy legs. Determined to fit in, Lydia took matters into her own hands, leveraging her father’s expertise as a cosmetic chemist. She ventured into various hair removal techniques, including razors and depilatory creams, but unsatisfied with their results, she turned to waxing.

One fine day, Lydia found herself concocting her wax formula on the kitchen stove, much to her father’s surprise. Despite her attempt to pass off the pine resin scent as caramel, Lydia’s father quickly caught on to her hair removal experiments. This pivotal moment sparked the birth of LYCON wax, which has now become an international sensation!

Caught on camera: Lydia was the Beach beauty with the secret! 1968 Noosa beach beauty queen.

2. 45 Years of Waxing Excellence

Over four fabulous decades, LYCON has continuously pushed the boundaries of hair removal innovation and launched a complete range of strip and hot waxes, as well as retail products. Lydia’s brainchild started with the iconic Apricot Wax , infused with soothing aromatherapy properties of apricot oil. Since then, LYCON has expanded its collection to include formulas enriched with nurturing ingredients like aloe vera, chamomile, rose, lavender, and Australian sandalwood oil.

In 2009, LYCON introduced LYCOtec White Hot Wax and LYCOtec White Strip Wax, both featuring a unique titanium dioxide technology and a delightful vanilla coconut scent. These waxes have revolutionised the industry with their ultra-flexible, gentle, and low-temperature working properties, providing utmost comfort and satisfaction to clients.

The LYCOtec range expanded in 2012 with the introduction of LYCOtec Superberry hot and strip waxes. These berry-scented pink waxes not only deliver exceptional performance but also tickle your senses with their delightful fragrance. That same year, LYCON unveiled LYCOdream, a groundbreaking hybrid wax that combines the strength and grip of LYCON hot wax with the ease of application found in film waxes. Talk about a dream come true!

And, of course, we can’t forget the PINKINI Brazilian Care range that debuted in 2017. Featuring the PINKINI Hybrid Hot Wax with the nourishing power of Tasman Berry, and a collection of intimate care products like the PINKINI Lightening Serum and PINKINI Intimate Wash, LYCON has your intimate waxing needs covered in style.

3. From Lydia’s Wax to LYCON: A Global Sensation

LYCON’s humble beginnings saw its debut as Lydia’s Wax, filling enamel mugs stationed in pharmacies across Australia. But Lydia had bigger dreams. In 1978, she decided to share her secret with beauty salons, officially transforming her wax into LYCON WAX. The word spread like wildfire, and soon LYCON transcended borders, captivating the hearts of waxing enthusiasts around the world.

With its rapid growth and success, LYCON expanded its presence beyond Australia, Asia, and the Pacific Region. The brand entered the bustling US market in the ’90s, becoming a hot favourite at a prestigious New York spa frequented by A-list celebrities. The spa was so impressed with LYCON’s gentleness and exceptional results that they not only made it their exclusive wax but also became distributors for the entire US market. Since then, LYCON has gained a massive following, with its products being sold in more than 90 countries and trusted by renowned salons and spas on six continents.

                                                         4. LYCON: The Wax that Travels with Celebrities 

LYCON’s popularity knows no bounds, as even the famous Spice Girls are avid fans! While touring in the US, these iconic pop sensations insisted on having none other than LYCON wax for their hair removal needs. Such was their devotion to LYCON that the brand went above and beyond, flying the wax specifically to their location. Talk about diva-approved smoothness!

5. A Pink-Tastic New Home

Several years ago LYCON upgraded to a brand-new manufacturing facility, encompassing a whopping 80,000 square feet of pink-tinted goodness. Located in Pinkenba, Australia, the new headquarters perfectly symbolises LYCON’s vibrant and dynamic spirit. It’s no wonder LYCON is synonymous with pink—it’s not just a wax, it’s a way of life!

6. LYCON: Recognition and Excellence

In addition to its impressive global presence, LYCON has garnered recognition and accolades in the world of business. For several consecutive years, the company has been included in the prestigious Q400 list, a distinguished collection of the top 400 privately owned companies in Queensland, Australia. This is a testament to LYCON’s commitment to quality, innovation, and excellence.

So there you have it—six mind-boggling facts about LYCON wax. From Lydia’s stovetop experiments to global domination, LYCON has made its mark in the hair removal industry with its unbeatable formulas and commitment to customer satisfaction. Get ready to experience LYCON’s waxing magic and say goodbye to unwanted hair in the most fun and professional way possible!