Lycon’s waxing protocol: Your path to silky smoothness!

At Lycon, we believe that waxing should be both effective and enjoyable. So, whether you’re deciding between our fabulously hot Hard Wax or our sensationally soft Strip Wax, it all comes down to a few factors – like the area you’re waxing, the type of hair you have, and your skin’s sensitivity.

For those larger areas like legs, back, and arms, we recommend our Strip Wax. It’s an economical option, as we apply it thinly, and removal is super speedy and efficient. On the flip side, if you’re looking to wax those more sensitive spots, like underarms, face, or bikini area, our Hot/Hard Wax is your go-to! This incredible wax hugs the skin, without a strip, and makes stubborn hair a thing of the past. Plus, it’s a dream for reducing redness and irritation.

Now, let’s dive into our waxing protocol:

STEP 1: Heat things up! Get that wax in the mood by heating it to perfection. Hot Wax should have a honey-like consistency, while Strip Wax is a bit more runny. Don’t worry, we’ll make sure it’s not too hot before applying it to your precious skin. Safety first, my friend!

STEP 2: Cleanse for the win! Before the magic happens, cleanse your skin of any dirt or makeup. Our waxing opens up those hair follicles, so we want to make sure your canvas is squeaky clean. Look for Lycotane cleanser that’s got that extra touch of soothing ingredients to leave your skin feeling good as new.

STEP 3: Time to oil up! Add a touch of our Pre-Waxing Oil to the area you’re about to wax. This little gem provides an extra layer of protection and moisture for your skin. It’s like giving your skin a big, comforting hug before the waxing begins. And don’t worry, even those with super-dry skin can benefit from a little oil love during Strip waxing too.

STEP 4: Wax on, wax off! Depending on the type of wax you’re using, the application process will differ. For our fab Hot Wax, apply it against the direction of hair growth with a bit of pressure, then spread it to about the thickness of a banana peel. Pro tip: create a little lip on the edge for easy removal. And voila, it’s time to strip away those pesky hairs! But hold on, for our Strip Wax, simply apply it in the direction of hair growth. Press a waxing strip firmly on top and rub it down with the utmost enthusiasm. Then, channel your inner superhero and remove that strip in one swift, hair-defying motion against the hair growth. We’re all about moving with the curves of your beautiful body, so remember to pull the skin taut and avoid any ouch-worthy bruising.

STEP 5: Cleanse, baby, cleanse! After the waxing extravaganza, take a moment to cleanse your skin once again. This will help close those hair follicles and ensure that nothing is left behind to cause any unwanted irritation. Clean skin is happy skin!

STEP 6: Treat yourself! Now it’s time to pamper that fresh, smooth canvas. Apply a post-waxing treatment that suits your needs. Maybe it’s an ingrown hair spray for those troublesome spots, or perhaps an after-care lotion that nourishes and soothes your beautiful skin. Look for products with extra goodies, like Tea Tree, for some added skin-loving goodness.

STEP 7: Be in the know! We love to empower our gorgeous clients with knowledge. So, take a moment to educate yourself on proper post-waxing care. Avoid sun exposure for at least 24 hours, exfoliate between services like a pro, and consider some take-home goodies, like an ingrown hair treatment, to keep your skin as smooth as can be.

There you have it, our delightful and effective waxing protocol! Get ready to embrace your silky smoothness in the most fun and fabulous way possible. Happy waxing, beauties!