Manscaping: Capturing the Male Market for Waxing Treatments

What about Manscaping?

Say goodbye to the days when waxing was seen as a women-only affair. Male waxing is on the rise as more men recognise the confidence-boosting benefits that come with keeping their grooming game strong. If you’re a spa owner or waxing professional looking to tap into this growing market, we’ve got you covered with some expert tips to attract male clientele and stand out from the competition.


The first step in targeting male clients for waxing treatments is to educate them about the benefits. Many men are not aware of the options available to them or how waxing can enhance their grooming routine. Be sure to include detailed information about your services and their benefits in your marketing materials. Consider creating a separate handout or page on your website dedicated to answering common questions and explaining what to expect during and after the waxing process. Highlight the advantages of waxing, such as reduced hair regrowth and the smooth, hair-free results it provides. Building trust with potential male clients starts with providing them with honest and concise information.


Creating a comfortable and welcoming environment is crucial when targeting male clientele. Keep in mind that many men may feel intimidated or nervous about entering a spa for waxing services. To alleviate their concerns, consider offering an alternative entrance or exit that allows for more privacy and discretion. Ensure that the ambiance and décor of your spa are gender neutral, making male clients feel at ease in the space. By creating a welcoming atmosphere, you’ll help male clients feel more comfortable and confident in seeking your services.


To maximise client comfort and satisfaction, it’s essential to use high-quality waxing products specifically designed for male clients. Male hair tends to be rooted more deeply and is often denser, making the waxing process more sensitive and potentially painful. Opt for a high-quality wax product that effectively removes super stubborn, coarse hair commonly found in male clients. Consider using hard/hot wax for smaller, more sensitive areas like the neck or male Brazilian waxing to minimise discomfort. Don’t forget to apply an aftercare product, such as a soothing cream or ingrown hair solution, to further enhance client comfort and prevent any skin irritation. Lycon’s MANifico is the perfect range!


Your female clients are a valuable resource for marketing your male waxing services. Offer referral discounts or special promotions targeting male grooming services to encourage your female clients to spread the word among their male friends. However, don’t solely rely on word-of-mouth marketing. It’s important to actively target male clients in your marketing efforts as well. Make it clear that you offer male waxing services, as not all spas do, to set yourself apart from the competition. Get creative with your marketing campaigns and explore various channels such as social media, targeted ads, and partnerships with local men’s grooming businesses to reach your male audience effectively.

As the male grooming market continues to expand, it’s crucial to understand how to attract male clientele to your spa or practice. By educating, creating a welcoming environment, using the right products, and implementing tailored marketing strategies, you can capitalise on this growing market and increase your profits in no time. So, get ready to tap into the manscaping trend and help your male clients feel confidently groomed from head to toe.